Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Please read if.. suffer from what I am about to describe. With working life being so 9-5 mon-fri and overtime etc, (even though I roll out of bed when I want and assign myself tasks to do), I understand that being overworked can take its toll. Do you absent-mindedly wander around and forget how or why you came to a certain place? Do you develop a zombie-esque limp for added affect?
Do you find it difficult to make even the easiest of everyday decisions, losing awareness of other people around you and sinking into an enclosed world all of your own?

Some symptoms you may be suffering from can be quite severe:
If so:

Stay the fu*k out of the supermarket, people. I've got things to get done and I know where they are and how to buy them. Food shopping is not for the faint of heart.