Monday, 31 January 2011

I'm lazy

OR, as I like to define it, energy efficient. Adept at procrastination. But I'd like to add a new form of not getting stuff done added to the list and that is "puppystruck". In 12 days I'll be bringing home a gorgeous little ball of black and white cute. This little ball of black and white cute, to be exact:
Her official name is Viiman Tuisku, and if you're Finnish or understand Finnish, there's a blog devoted entirely to the puppies of the litter. The link goes straight to the pictures of puppies just in case you're non-Finnish, non-Finnish speaking or my mum. Hello, mum.

I'm not entirely procrastin..atic. I DID have a lot of work to do last week. And I just had nothing funny, thought-provoking or generally blog-publishing worthy. And doing a blog post with..uh.. "art" means that I have to draw on paper, draw on the computer and then write funny stuff about what I drew. That's fine, I like doing those things, but refer to the top of the post. I'm lazy.

So instead, in my free time, I did the following:

-read the new post on hyperboleandahalf
-found, read and ripped off Bake it in a cake
-did part of a jigsaw. Don't judge.
-read a couple of years of Dan Savage's sex advice column, Savage Love
-pissed myself laughing at my boyfriend impersonating some sort of missile on a chair
-watched, rewatched and "awwed" at the pictures and photos that are on facebook of the puppies.

The latter took up a considerable amount of my time because I discovered a new branch of physics: puppy physics. It's not as complicated as granny physics, there are no hidden dimensions and it centres on one rule: The force of attraction to a puppy is infinite. One does not get fed up with a puppy, even if it does poo and eat your shoes and try to nom your face/toes. I decided that since the puppy means a new family member for us, and I sometimes blog about another family member The Boyfriend, why not introduce my puppy - which is, for all intents and purposes going to be my baby. At least as important. I know it's a dog, you guys. But my (our, ofc) own little fluffball puppy tiny life that I (we, ofc) am responsible for.

And that, for me, is just a hairy baby. <3

Monday, 3 January 2011


You come to know different sides of people when you move in with them. Boyfriend now knows for example, that I sometimes pee with the door open. On the other hand, I learnt that he sporadically breaks into song.

It happens in a well-elocuted fashion when he's expressing an opinion about something and sometimes a faint 'trololol' wafts its way over to my corner of the room on the breeze. He can't help it anymore. The meme has tunnelled into his brain. I wonder if he feels the same way about my open-door peeing.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

My battle with rhinovirus

I started getting excited about Christmas in about October. I guess I jinxed my Christmas right there and then. I was pretty much perfectly healthy throughout the stretch between October and the 22nd of December, when a rhinovirus entered my nose when I wasn't looking.
Yes, I am on my skis indoors. Skiing outside is hard.

Instead of bringing peace and joy to Boyfriend's parents, with whom we stayed for the entire Christmas period, I brought nasal congestion and mucuous. Luckily no-one else caught the bug there since they politely declined from accepting my gift (the opportunity to further strengthen their immune systems by suffering through my cold themselves). Some people.

My cold began and progressed through Christmas in such a way that I didn't taste any of my Christmas dinner (boo) but I wasn't so tempted to stuff myself with Christmas goodies (yay). I bet you're interested, so I drew a picture:
You're welcome. And if you said "eww" or similar to 24-25.12, don't pretend you've never stuffed kleenex up both nostrils. I know I'm not the only one. Between 26.12-31.12 I had a cough that was reminiscent of a goose or a chainsmoker. Or both. Now I'm feeling a bit better, but boyfriend started feeling a bit ill yesterday (as depicted by the swirly line which is to be interpreted as indecisive as to whether or not you're coming down with something).

I've moved house and set up my business in a corner of the living room. This includes having a new computer, with a large screen. It was really hard to draw the cartoons this time because I'm used to using a mini laptop with my tablet, and now there's IMMENSE amounts of space. That's why there aren't more than two cartoons today.

Having set up my business in my corner of the living room, I have a shiny website too. You can visit it at if you speak Finnish. You can visit it if you don't speak Finnish, too, but you'll have to settle for admiring the graphics, which are under construction. I'll get around to translating it into English when my website guy (Leonard, whose name is Ari) gets back from Canada.

In the meantime, I hope that you were able to taste your Christmas dinner and that you have a happy 2011 :)