Friday, 8 October 2010

O hai

Hi. I haven't written here for a while because I've either been too busy or in a procrastinatory coma. I thought I'd write a small update on my life, the universe and everything because that was the original point of this blog, until I decided to use it to inflict poor-quality artwork on everyone else just because I can. So no badly-drawn pics for you today. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow.

So I got my thesis back from my teacher yesterday and as soon as my maturity test is accepted I'm good to go and drop that bad boy off at the department where two Finnish language gurus will read it and then give me a grade. FYI, I really don't mind if you want to give me a laudatur. That is okay with me. After that, I only have two book exams to do, which means, I think, that I can graduate on time on 14.12. Weird. My university career will end on 14.12.2010 at 3pm. Unless I get approved to do a doctorate and decide to spend another 5+ years being really clever at one specific thing that most people don't care about.

My business is slowly coming along thanks to my strategy of flailing at people on the phone and being gormless in many places. I'm applying for business start money in 2 weeks. If I get that money, I won't die of hunger, which seems to be the better of two alternatives. I'm trying to see if I can buy a tax-deductable espresso machine "for the company" as a piece of "equipment" but we'll see.

Exercise. It appears I was scarfing down lots of crap because I had lots to do, which obviously justifies selective consumption of noms. So to combat this (make me feel like it's okay to eat a ton of crap) I decided to cycle to the centre of Helsinki from where I live about 3 times a week and swim twice a week. Somehow I feel like there could be a better solution (don't eat a ton of crap), but this works for me okay at the moment.

Procrastinatory coma. Have you ever been in one of these? They're pretty good. There's something you should do, but you can't do it before breakfast, because that would be inhumane. So you eat your breakfast, then you have to make coffee. And a biscuit. Coffee without a biscuit is inhumane. I am a humane person, so breakfast-coffee-biscuit out of the way first. Then you have to digest it. Browse the internet. Did you know how many puppies there are on the internet? Or pictures of cake? It's my birthday in too many days to be counting already, but I've been looking up ideas for cakes. I think rainydaygal and cakespy are great, btw.
If all else fails, make some tea and stare out of the window because the trees are all autumnal and pretty. Don't blink for an unnaturally long time. There you go.

Garments. I HAD to finish a scarf for Leonard, whose name is Ari, because I had been at it for four years. FOUR YEARS, you guys. I started it when I was a noob at knitting (knoob?) so I was stupid and decided to make a scarf taller than Leonard on number 4 needles. Never again. I have a weird callus on my finger now. I guess it's a friendship callus. I hope you appreciate the friendship callus, Leonard. I also crocheted myself a scarf (he doesn't get one if I don't get one). Here is a picture of my scarf.
There's a picture of it on facebook but I appear greasy and sort of look hungry/predatory in the photo and the colours didn't show up right. I think I look less alarming in this picture.

Due to the callus, I'm not knitting/crocheting for a little bit (though Leonard wants some socks now, ffs) and due to the READYability of my master's thesis, I'm not doing that for a bit either. Sure, I have to read about 600 pages in a couple of weeks, but hey, I just spent 40 euros in a shop that doesn't really sell anything useful, but sells tons of FUN stuff and I am going to felt some elves, bitches. --->


  1. My advice: You need to continue studying! You'll thank me later when it's the Talk Like a Pirate Day and you can call yourself a Doctarrrghh! Also, developing a LaTeX fetish is important, both in clothing and in research papers.

  2. Well, the Doctarrrgh! definitely sounds tempting :D I'll get to work on the latex fetish ;)

  3. OMG!!! that`s a brilliant blog! Loved reading it, good luck with thesis, hunger money and Leonard`s socks. lyl Mum xxx