Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hey look, is that everyone's hopes all up over there?

I sat down today to write a blog post with all the best intentions of drawing something moderately amusing and even providing text to go with it. So I drew it all out on paper, cracked my knuckles in a self-satisfactory manner and then looked for my drawing tablet. I found it. But the stylus was missing. I looked everywhere for it but to no avail, which leads me to think that it's in the same place as the tube of freederm my mum sent me about the last time I used my stylus. I can't find that, either, so the only logical explanation is that there is a  small dimension curl somewhere in my house causing my stuff to go missing.

As my intentions of updating my blog were so good, I went online to find a new stylus, but apparently my tablet is so old that I simply had to get a new one with nice colours on it. It will arrive in about 9 days, max. I would say something like "please bear with me!" but I haven't had time to update this since November so I'm sure everyone will be ok for 9 days.

P.S I'm getting married in a month. 

P.P.S Here's a picture of my dog for your troubles. 
P.P.S If anyone is harbouring a burning desire to know what I looked like in the nineties, here you go.

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