Sunday, 5 September 2010

How to tell if your dad is a reptile

The other day I was trying to force my hair into submission with my hair straighteners and some goo when I remembered the time my dad did my hair. I can't remember him ever doing it before, but I'm pretty sure he did. They just don't stick in your mind as much as when you suspect your dad is half reptile. Let me explain.

My dad had come over from Australia to visit and was staying at my nan's house. My mum had taken me to my nan's place to stay for a couple of days with my dad. I remember it was a school day because I loudly announced that my hair had to be put in a ponytail in accordance with school rules. I had really long hair, almost to my knees, and doing it myself usually ended badly.

My dad took the hairbrush, sat me down in front of him and began to brush my hair. It was going fine until he swept my hair away from my eyes and his fingers brushed my face. They RASPED on my face.

I panicked because the only reason that my dad would have such scaly fingers is obviously that he was half reptile. I waited in silent shock until he'd finished my ponytail and then asked him what was wrong with his fingers. He told me that he had callouses on the ends of his fingers from playing guitar. This was obviously the reason for his weird raspy fingers because he played the guitar every day. It was his thing, but you know how 5 year olds think :D

I've often wished I could play the guitar, because dad liked it so much. He was also really good at it. I've tried to plink my way through a few songs, but understandably I don't want to grow callouses on my fingers :D And I'm just not guitar-inclined.

I hope dad wouldn't mind that my thing is obscure Finnish dialects... :D


  1. Heh I browsed my friend's friendlist on facebook - haha yeah now you surely think I'm some sort of a creepy stalker.. well maybe I am, but mostly I did it because I was bored - and then I somehow endend up reading your blog. And damn! It was really nice to read it.. And the lovely pictures you've uploaded, they're great! Just love your blog :)

  2. Hey thanks :) I don't think you're creepy, I totally do that to people, too :D