Sunday, 29 August 2010

I get shit done. Look at this hat.

Good innit? :)

Apart from finishing that hat off, which was supposed to be done by Spring, I've got a lot of other shit done in the last ten days, too. That's why I haven't drawn anything for this post. But hey the stuff was exciting. Here's what I did:

- Felt inferior and stupid just because I was in a bank
- Made a lot of scary phonecalls in Finnish
- Annoyed a lot of people a lot of the time about a meeting
- Drank a lot of coffee
- Ate a bun (an apple turnover sort of thing, to be precise) - v. important
- Chaired aforementioned meeting
- Corrected and hopefully sorted out two chapters of my master's thesis
- Had a fight with both printers in the first floor of the learning centre Aleksandria (and won)
- Registered a business
- Signed a contract
- Was mathematically dyslexic in a variety of places
- Made a hat!

So now in theory, technically, I am now kind of sort of my own boss! Sort of. In reality I think both the tax office and the bank pwns me. Anyway, at least in December I'll be starting up business as a freelance translator and that's why I took the trouble to go to a lot of different places to be gormless instead of just doing it in a few places out of people's way.

While I am in the grip of this maniac responsibility I'm aiming to get everything business out of the way and then I'll get on to drawing some new posts. I can totally arrange my time like that. I'm my boss. I'm allowed.

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  1. Hahaha, you`ve achieved alot of stuff Stace, well done, so proud of you my girl. lyl Mum xx