Monday, 31 January 2011

I'm lazy

OR, as I like to define it, energy efficient. Adept at procrastination. But I'd like to add a new form of not getting stuff done added to the list and that is "puppystruck". In 12 days I'll be bringing home a gorgeous little ball of black and white cute. This little ball of black and white cute, to be exact:
Her official name is Viiman Tuisku, and if you're Finnish or understand Finnish, there's a blog devoted entirely to the puppies of the litter. The link goes straight to the pictures of puppies just in case you're non-Finnish, non-Finnish speaking or my mum. Hello, mum.

I'm not entirely procrastin..atic. I DID have a lot of work to do last week. And I just had nothing funny, thought-provoking or generally blog-publishing worthy. And doing a blog post with..uh.. "art" means that I have to draw on paper, draw on the computer and then write funny stuff about what I drew. That's fine, I like doing those things, but refer to the top of the post. I'm lazy.

So instead, in my free time, I did the following:

-read the new post on hyperboleandahalf
-found, read and ripped off Bake it in a cake
-did part of a jigsaw. Don't judge.
-read a couple of years of Dan Savage's sex advice column, Savage Love
-pissed myself laughing at my boyfriend impersonating some sort of missile on a chair
-watched, rewatched and "awwed" at the pictures and photos that are on facebook of the puppies.

The latter took up a considerable amount of my time because I discovered a new branch of physics: puppy physics. It's not as complicated as granny physics, there are no hidden dimensions and it centres on one rule: The force of attraction to a puppy is infinite. One does not get fed up with a puppy, even if it does poo and eat your shoes and try to nom your face/toes. I decided that since the puppy means a new family member for us, and I sometimes blog about another family member The Boyfriend, why not introduce my puppy - which is, for all intents and purposes going to be my baby. At least as important. I know it's a dog, you guys. But my (our, ofc) own little fluffball puppy tiny life that I (we, ofc) am responsible for.

And that, for me, is just a hairy baby. <3

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