Thursday, 29 July 2010

The important difference between velociraptors and the t-rex

A couple of days ago I was out running with Jukka. We ran for approximately 40 days and 40 nights before we came to a kind of adventure playground. There was some sort of torture device which Jukka pointed to and informed me was for doing chinups. He asked me if I can do chinups. I looked at him to check if he was serious. He was.

I'd thought it was obvious from the start how little upper body strength I have. If I were to think of something that had a similar ratio of upper to lower body strength as me, it would be a tyrannosaurus rex. If you imagine a tyrannosaurus rex doing chinups, that's pretty much how I would look doing chinups. It's okay to imagine sounds. They're probably accurate.

Evidently this was not a good enough explanation. Despite acting out tyrannosaurus rex-like behaviour (you're welcome, fellow joggers of Pirkkola) Jukka confused my performance with a velociraptor. No, I said. Velociraptors run like this.

Whereas I run like this:

For future reference, here is a list of things I do not resemble while undertaking sport:

Here is a list of things I do resemble while undertaking sport:

and finally this sloth (yes, this particular one):

I have to say I've found running rewarding, however. It's not very often you grow one of these of such magnificent dimensions:
I popped it since taking the photo. It said ppptthhth.


  1. Sinä ja sun elukkas <3

  2. Just love the drawings Stace, excellent blog and a beauty of a blister, ur really good at growing them, although i sometimes think you`re just showing off, lol. Ever thought of showing the Guiness book of records your blisters ? hahaha Love mum x

  3. Velociraptors! I was trying to explain this to people at work less than a week ago. They seemed to get hung up on the fact there were a collection of Bruces and could no focus on the fact I was talking about running on the balls of your feet and hissing/spitting at monobrowed black belts. FYI I love your blog.

  4. I have to blog about Bruces :D