Tuesday, 20 July 2010

An ode

... to mosquitoes.

I went for a run
It wasn't much fun
Upon leaving my bed
I forgot anti-bug meds
Thanks evil bitches
My leg really itches.

What's more, I acquired another matching bite on the other leg (hey, a girl's got to be co-ordinated). For some reason I am seriously allergic to mosquito bites. In 2008-ish I spent a summer in Kannus and a mosquito bit me under the eye, causing it to swell up and make people ask if my then-boyfriend was hitting me. "No, it's just a mosquito bite" is the Finnish equivalent of "Oh, I just walked into a door". (He never hit me, promise.)

So, yeah, fuckers. Stop biting me. I'm fed up of your shit.

Update: Okay, so I knew I was more sensitive to mossie bites than a lot of people, but now I have heard that they are actually ridiculous and I should perhaps even be proud of my innate talent to grow these massive allergic reactions. I bet spiderman never went through this kind of crap.

1 comment:

  1. Bite em back is what i say my girl!!! lol
    I`d bite em for you, only i`m over here, lyl, muvverxxxx