Thursday, 8 July 2010


The surprise I promised to the people who were lovely enough to join my blog's group on facebook is finally here! Please remain calm, though, it's not that great. (I'm only one person and it's really hot.) I'm also celebrating my blog's thousandth view, so thank you for reading me.

In my haste to verbally grab people and almost force them to read my blog, I resorted to bribery and promised a surprise. Now that people actually joined the group I decided to keep to my word and actually come up with a surprise. Unfortunately at the time I didn't have any suitable ideas in mind. I thought of drawing something, but since I usually draw on my blog, it would have been a fail of a surprise. I also thought about drawing the people who joined, but there are 23 of you and let's face it, I'm not that good at drawing.

So I reverted to selfishness - what would I want?

We baked you guys virtual pulla - Finnish buns. Jukka wants me to explain that the great thing about these buns is that they have no calories, because we made them ourselves and we don't remember adding any :)

Thanks again, and if any of you are near Kuopio, we have an abundance of buns to get rid of.


  1. Hahaha, very well tought out Stace and a nice surprise for all your blog readers. How about a sarnie for your old Mum lol xx

  2. Awesome!!!

    I won't be near Kuopio until next Friday... will they be stale by then?
    P.S. How do you count the views? I have no idea how many views my blog has.

  3. please keep on blogging! i just found out about your blog and it's awesome to read and very insightful and fun!

  4. inFinnland: I got a statcounter, just put it in google and you can add one to your blog :)

    Anonymous from 12th July: thanks! Do you have a blog?