Sunday, 8 August 2010

Were there nuns?

Whilst wandering about on the internet (and in real life) I've often regretted letting it slip that I went to a girls-only school. I will happily answer genuine questions about what it was like (although I expect it was similar to any other school in Britain) but if the fact that I went to a girls' school excites you in some way, here's an FAQ.

So you went to an all-girls school?

Yes, yes I did.

So are you/your parents rich, then? It's kind of snobby.

No, the school accepts pupils based on academic merit. There's an exam called the Kent test we had to take. Other girls/boys only schools don't necessarily have the test, and I don't know about them.

Were there lesbians?

Probably not as many as you're hoping. Out of over 1,000 girls I think I personally knew one who was genuinely bisexual. At one point it was fashionable to pretend, you see.

Were you naked all the time?

Of course. We especially enjoyed e.g geography and maths lessons completely naked. We had to wear goggles in science and technology, and an apron in home technology though. You know, for safety. Naturally, since there are no boys around, there is absolutely no reason to wear clothes at all. Even if we are not usually bisexual or lesbian, we save up all our secret lesbian naked adventures for when you aren't around.

Okay, but when you weren't naked, did you have a kinky uniform?

No. We had an itchy, heavy, woollen kilt. We also had a uniform for sports, which consisted of huge, unflattering granny pants and, at times, a unitard. But I don't want to talk about it. It was traumatic.

Did you look like those girls from Japanese manga?

No. I went to school in England and therefore most of us looked British.

Were there nuns?


I bet you were really horny all the time, because there were no boys.

It was terrible. What's worse is that the boys' school was a whole 3 streets away so it was like total isolation.

So what did you DO all day without any boys?

I know, right? It wasn't like I was in school to learn or anything.

I bet you have problems with men and with male authority figures now, though.

:D I actually got asked this once in all seriousness. No. The eight hours I spent in school all day and 6ish hours I spent asleep at night only account for 14 hours of my day. The other 10 hours, which was my free time, was spent with people of both sexes, some even from the boys' school. Besides, in sixth form (the last two -voluntary- years of secondary school) there were somewhat mixed classes because of an agreement between the girls' and the boys' schools to ensure a wide variety of courses available. So no, sorry if you were trying to hate on grammar schools and rage against the system, but it didn't screw me up.

Do you have any pictures *wink wink*?

Here you go.


  1. Straight and to the point, that`s my girl :) lyl, ur Muvver lol

  2. is the one on the far left Sophie? and I don't recall there being a bald chick at our school, please enlighten me as I may have missed a very important detail about my time at FSG.

  3. I was just browsing my old posts and found your comment. As I saw that picture I thought the left one does look like Sophie :D I think that's not baldness though, it's just a bad use of colour in GIMP.. maybe it's hannah :D