Saturday, 7 August 2010

Life goals - less than in football

When I was in school, we had to have goals set for every lesson. We had to cover a chapter in a book or understand a particular reaction in chemistry. I don’t know who invented it, but it was more than enough overkill and since then I’ve ignored goals as being trivial and easy to attain – therefore not really goals.

Some people, however, apparently could not get enough of the rabid goalsetting of the school system and actually apply goals to their own lives. Others even stick to them and achieve them.

Goals may be, for example:

Climbing Everest

Swimming the channel:

Becoming famous and/or a millionaire (and owning a small, loud handbag accessory):

Generally as a rule, I don’t make such commitments anymore. My first and only life goal was decided upon at the tender age of 11 after hearing a midi on mIRC of ”All the small things” by Blink-182 and declaring them to be my favourite band. I decided immediately that if I ever do anything in life, it will be to see Blink-182 live.

When they split up in 2005 I not only gave up hope of seeing my favourite band evar but I also rejected life goals as being shitty and unrealistic. I decided never to strive for anything in such a manner ever again. After all, had they not split up, I would have had a far better chance of reaching that goal. It’s not even like my goal was shat upon due to my own laziness or neglect.
Luckily, Blink-182 have got back together which has instilled a kind of fan-girl excitement which seems to have ignored the 5 year hiatus and just carried on from what it was like when I was 16. It is AWFUL, you guys. I dug out all my blink stuff and admired it lovingly. I listened to ALL the albums and watched the Urethra chronicles. I watched interviews, read blogs, and spent yesterday on google maps looking at Poway where Blink-182 was formed. I even bought a pair of
vegan Macbeth shoes. Macbeth was formed by two of the guys from Blink-182. But whatever, they went on a hiatus and left me without an outlet to do all this shit and act like a teenager right when I’m trying to graduate and start a business. I blame them.

Here's a picture I drew before their hiatus.

So, as I said. I don’t make LIFE goals anymore. I do, however, keep a small list of things I wouldn’t mind doing:

1) The blink-182 concert is still my priority.

2) Touch a bald person’s head. Perhaps get permission first.

3) Run 5km (may or may not be attained on Thursday).

4) Achieve moderate internet fame (I’m still on elementary internet

5) Live in the same municipality as my boyfriend.

6) Order a whole cake and take it home and eat it for no good reason other than that I’m an adult and I CAN.

A series of updates:

- I can (and did!) vote in the general elections, despite the forms getting messed up in yet another epic bout of bureaucracy fail.

- The bottle of carbonated orange drink has GONE, you guys. I don’t know where it is, but I doubt it fulfilled its destiny as a refreshing beverage :( The eggs are also gone, but made it a record FOUR months on the table. Christmas calendar disappeared around the same time.

- I got all my stuff from Oulu. The universe is still okay. You can go back to what you were doing now.

- Jukka’s computers DO all have fans.

- Not technically an update, but look at this cactus. It sprouted this new growth after a year or so of being inert. It’s done that in about 4 months.
I think it may have hit puberty. *snortgiggle*.


  1. As always, loved the blog my girl, i remember the pic you drew of blink 182 and i think ur right about the cactus, it HAS hit puberty and i think it`s a boy. lol

  2. your blog always makes me chuckle when i read it! i am jealous of your living in finland but mainly only beacause it means you're in the same country as moominland and that is just awesome! also blink are amazing both in general and live i hope you get to fulfil that goal!


  3. YEEAAAAHHH I'm not the only one who likes Blink-182! I must point out at this point that I am jealous that you have seen them live. Where was it, how was it? Sometimes I get the feeling that other people just don't appreciate how good their music is :D You have to see through the toilet humour...

    But thanks for reading it, I'm really glad you like it :)

  4. it was at birmingham academy in like 2004 i think and it was amaaaazing i may have maybe shed a teeny tear at one point :P