Monday, 24 May 2010

Teh internets

Since I was 11 and found mIRC the internet has become a rather large part of my life. It has usurped outdoor activity such as checking the weather in person or finding out where a shop is by actually going somewhere to find it. The day I realised I'm older than google was epic and life-changing. Before google I think I used a search engine called Askjeeves which has nothing to do with Hugh Laurie or Stephen Fry but it got you to where you wanted to go anyway. I can't remember. And what about wikipedia though? Seriously, did we really go and get huge piles of bound-together paper and look stuff up?

Guess we did.

Anyway, I now face a dilemma. To be more precise I face dilemma v.2.0 because I found out a long time ago that without belonging to some sort of online social network none of my English friends will talk to me. You could say I brought this upon myself because it was me who decided to bollock off to Finland, but whatever. At first I was reluctant to join facebook. Myspace was okay, but all my friends seemed to do on facebook was send me eggs that hatched garden gnomes. Now they ask me for bricks because they're building a farm or something but the point is still the same. I don't need your bricks or your garden gnomes, just say HI or something. That was dilemma #1.

Dilemma v2.0 is this:

Facebook went all creepy and nosey on us and went trigger happy with the linking and people can probably find out about other people's haemorrhoids through the information it passes on about you. Luckily I don't feel the same urge to broadcast my sex life or bitch about people on facebook as some of my facebook friends, although detailed pictures and updates on gruesome leg-wounds are a must. But I'd still kind of like to quit facebook. But if I do this I'm pretty sure that out of most of my English friends perhaps two will still keep in touch with me outside of facebook. And that's okay, I know that the people I went to school with are now more like ”Ohai I went to school with you lol” acquantainces but actually giving them up via giving up facebook makes it official that same way that changing your facebook status from married to single has more social impact (the e-whoomph factor) than signing divorce papers.

So what to do, give up evilprivacyinfiltrating facebook or see if my ego can take realising how many of my friends are serious about keeping in contact?

And another thing. Imagine that I am waggling my finger as I write this. Yes you, people who bullied me in primary school. What do you try to add me as a friend for you silly beggars? Maybe this escaped you when you were young but picking on someone for ages doesn't encourage them to friend you years later. Besides, I still think you're a nobhead. And zen :)


  1. I kind of want to quit facebook, too. I probably won't, but after recently having to go through and re-private a shitton of stuff that has been forced public until I re-did it again... I dunno. I am not happy. It's a chore to do, to.

    I used this tool here to check my facebook setting and what was public with them after doing so, and there was still this stubborn instant personalization feature that I had to go into the settings again to fix. ofc it had to do with 3rd party garbage. Bah.

  2. Thanks, I just used it :)