Sunday, 6 June 2010

How (not) to write your master's thesis. Or anything of any importance whatsoever

At the moment I'm writing a master's, but in general this goes for everything that needs to be done.

A guide:

1) Have brilliant idea, possibly in your sleep. The idea is of nobel prize quality, proving you to be no less than a genius, but also modest and pretty.
2) Go back to sleep. Forget your idea.

3) Get up. Arrange your stuff somewhere so that everything is in easy reach when you start. Stuff looks suspicious. Don't trust it.
4) Decide you need food.

5) Decide that you now need dessert.

6) You can't do anything without coffee.

7) Notice that you should probably change your plant's water. It's only fair, right?
You just ate.

8) Hey look, someone posted something on facebook.

9) Clean apartment.

10) Make a comprehensive list of everything you need to do in small, doable steps.

11) Feel like you've accomplished something.
12) Watch Frasier.

13) Play snake. Be good at snake.

14) Start thinking about how cool it will actually be when you GET the degree.

15) Motivation sets in. Read a page. Underline something. Add a comma.

16) Wonder what comma is in Sámi.

17) Ceahkis, rihkku, kom'má.

18) Well done. Have a biscuit.

19) LOL, a puppy.

20) Omg a bee
19) Write a blog post about your struggle.

20) Feel productive.

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