Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Relationships end sometimes and that sucks. Since I am apparently incapable of dating people who live in the same municipality as I do, my ex-boyfriend lived pretty far away. As a result, so does a lot of the junk I accumulated whilst dating him.

I live in Helsinki and he lives in Oulu. Here's a map.

You're welcome. But what is this Vihanti? That's where my boyfriend's parents live. I'm going to visit my boyfriend's parents next week and I thought hey, I could go and get all my crap. It would be logistically favourable, I thought, to make Jukka drive to Oulu in a car, pick up my stuff, and carry it home with me on the train in a couple of weeks than it is to get ex-boyfriend to send it in the post or make other arrangements.

This would be fine, but ex-boyfriend's new girlfr... okay we need a presentation.

So I was saying. Ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend is foreign, but currently staying in Finland. That means I have to go and get my stuff while she's there. I don't feel like enacting bloodthirsty vengeance but I have to go and sort out my personal stuff and I'd rather do it alone. That's okay, because she can go for a walk or a coffee while I'm there. But I also have to bring Jukka because he can drive and I can't. I was talking to ex-boyfriend about the logistics of this and he said he didn't mind if boyfriend came. But I said no, mostly because my boyfriend has the sense to mind his own business and wouldn't involve himself anyway, but mostly because i was afraid what would happen if you get all four of us in one room. I guessed it would be like dividing by zero.

But in Switzerland..
After which it should be called the Stacy-Jukka-ex-newgirl particle. You're welcome, subatomic physics.


  1. Wow. You are probably the first non-finnish person who mention Vihanti on his/her blog post. If it's any kind of honour you should decide yourself. At least when you walk the streets of Vihanti you should remind yourself for the fact that you are one of the few non-finnish persons who have ever been there. Amazing, isn't it?

    About your stuff at your ex's apartment: at least you can get them back. Not everyone are that lucky. I still own some of my ex's stuff. Ha!

  2. Perhaps Vihanti should make me the mayoress. I could rule it with an iron fist.

    And I think that in this case it's ex-boyfriend who won't be so lucky. I seriously doubt I'm taking all my stuff, so he gets stuck with the junk I leave and has to dispose of it. Ha! :D

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